Hot! USA Marriage and Fiancee Visas from Thailand Drop by Over 50% in 2020

According to US State Department statistics, in 2020 immediate relative immigrant visa issuances fell by more than 50 percent 2020 compared to 2019 statistics.  State Department official statistics reveal that in 2019 immigrant visas for immediate relatives originating from Thailand were 1,022 visas 2019.   However, in 2020 the number of immediate relative immigrant visas issued for Thailand fell by more than 50% to only 461 visas issued.

Most immediate relative visas are comprised of marriage visas (IR-1 or CR-1) and fiance visas (K-1.)

According to US Immigration Attorney in Thailand Joe Leeds, this drastic drop in immediate relative visas may be attributed to the lack of tourist travel due to Covid and thereby resulting in fewer romantic relationships, or, may merely reflect the delays in State Department processing (also as a result of Covid). Both the US State Department and the US Embassy in Bangkok have issued formal notices of processing delays due to the Covid situation.

Credit photo by Vladimir Pustovit

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