New Thai Lease Law Empowers Renters

Thailand’s new Lease law came into effect on May 1, 208.  The law is intended to expand protections for renters. Some of the practices that the new law will prohibit are demanding multiple months of […]

Tourism Industry Destroys another Island

Filipino President Rodrigo Duerte has ordered for the closure of one of Philippine’s most popular tourist destinations. Boracay Island brings in about 2 million tourists annually and generates about $1 billion from the tourism industry. However, […]

Police Shut down Biggest Thai Prostitution Ring in Germany’s History

On Wednesday, German authorities reported carrying out the biggest raid in their history of an organized crime ring that trafficked women and Trans women from Thailand for prostitution. Alexander Badle, from Frankfurt’s prosecutor’s office said […]

Third Party Individuals Included in Revenge Porn Law between Parties in a Relationship

A Texas appeals court has ruled the Relationship Privacy Act as too vague and that it violates the First Amendment rights of third party people who are not the original parties in the relationship. The Relationship […]

SESTA to put Transgender Sex Workers at Risk

President Trump signed the SESTA law on Wednesday, making websites liable for “user’s speech” in the context to fight human trafficking. The new law has received widespread criticism from advocacy groups. The legislation has already […]