Hot! Summary of Thailand’s New Medical Marijuana Law: Drug Abuse Act (No. 7) BE 2562

The previous law concerning drug penalties was amended due to certain provisions that did not keep up with the current situation and research in regards to cannabis. Cannabis has been shown to have medicinal benefits and for that reason, has been moved a category 5 drug. Individuals who have obtained a license can produce, possess, import, and export cannabis for the purpose of treating diseases and other medical conditions, so long as the following conditions are met:

  • Each import or export of cannabis must receive a license every time it is imported or exported from the licensee.
  • Use or possession is for the purpose of providing a clear medicinal benefit in the treatment of a patient or patients; or for the purpose of education, research, and development including for agriculture, commerce, science, and industry; or for the medicinal benefit of a person who has obtained license from the licensee with approval of the committee.
  • In the case of bringing cannabis into or out of the Kingdom, no more than the amount required for treatment of specific diseases is allowed and must be accompanied by a prescription or certificate from a medical professional, such as a professional dentist, a professional doctor, a professional practitioner of Thai traditional medicine, or a folk doctor according to the law on Thai traditional medicine, or others who are able to provide treatment when receiving a license from the licensee.

Read the full amendment to Thailand’s Narcotics Act:

Thai version

English version

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