Hot! Thai Authorities: Legal Medical Marijuana Not a Green Light for Home Growing

Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has warned those seeking the medicinal benefits from medical weed from growing their own plants at home, remarking that those who do grow are committing a criminal offense.

According to Thailand criminal lawyers, under the country’s new medical marijuana law, cannabis possession of any kind without a license from a medical professional still remains punishable by a fine or jail time.

“If you need marijuana for your illness, visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis or a prescription,” Niyom said.

Those wishing to cultivate, export, or import legal medical cannabis must first petition the Thai Food and Drug Administration narcotics panel for permission.

The Thai FDA will consider state organizations with a desire to research cannabis as well as medical and pharmaceutical growers.

Pharmacists, doctors, veterinarians and practitioners of traditional Thai medicine and certified folk healers will also be able to grow for teaching and research purposes as well as for treatment of patients who suffer from certain ailments.

The ONCB’s recent warnings against the home growing of medical cannabis come in the wake of Bhumjai Thai party’s promise to legalize marijuana growing nationwide if elected in the upcoming elections.

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