Hot! Thailand Cannabis Decriminalization Act

Credit photo by Alpinols AG

The text of the draft Thailand Cannabis Decriminalization Act is now available. Some important provisions include:

“Household hemp” means the cultivation of cannabis at home for personal consumption in order to maintain one’s health. The maximum amount allowed to be grown will be calculated by household and in the amount prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations. In other words, the exact amount allowed will be announced at a later date. A person growing at home for personal use still needs to notify or register with the government. The exact procedures will be announced by ministerial regulations in the future.

The new law requires licensing for any commercial activity involving cannabis and any person who produces, imports, exports, sells without obtaining a license shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, or a fine of not more than three hundred thousand baht or both.

According to Thailand criminal defense attorney Jiraporn Thongphong, cannabis use, sales, and growth will still be highly regulated and, in some cases that involve violating the new law, illegal and subject to imprisonment. Further, until the law formally becomes enacted and enforceable, the old cannabis laws still apply.

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