Illegal Foreign Owned Hostel Crackdown in Koh Phangan Arrests Ukranian Woman

The Ukrainian woman ran the Vagabond hostel illegally from a house. The house consisted of 12 bedrooms and 150 beds. Each bed was charged with 250 baht a day. The woman was charged with operating […]

Infraud Co-founder Arrested in Bangkok, $822 million worth of Bitcoin Seized

Sergey Medvedev, co-founder of an illegal network called Infraud was arrested earlier this month. Thai police seized 100,000 bitcoins following the arrest. Infraud was reportedly an online criminal network where customers could trade stolen credit card […]

Bermuda the First Country to Withdraw Same-Sex Marriage Law

Bermuda’s Supreme Court had just made a ruling last year, legalizing same-sex marriage. However, Governor John Rankin has reversed this approval, saying same-sex couples may enter a registered domestic partnership which is “equivalent rights to marriage”. […]

First Gay Marriage Recognized in Russia due to Loophole in Russian Family Code

A newly wed gay couple were surprised to have their marriage recognized when they entered their home country after tying the knot in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although, same-sex marriage is prohibited in Russia, the Family Code, […]

Thailand Prime Minister Debunks Medical Marijuana Legalization Rumors

During a Cabinet meeting earlier this week, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha squashed allegations of the Thai government giving the green light for the cultivation of a medical Marijuana farm in the northern province of Sakhon Nakhon. The […]