Chemical Castration Approved for Indonesian Sex Offenders

Child sex offenders in Indonesia will now be chemically castrated, in accordance to a new decree signed by president Joko Widodo. As the New York Times reports, the new punishment comes in response to a […]

Uber Bows to Thai Transport Law, Pulls Bike Hailing Service

The same thing happened with GrabTaxi back in March, now transport giant Uber has also pulled it’s motorbike taxi hailing service. In traffic heavy Bangkok, motorbike taxis are a popular way to get around. However, […]

Italy Says Yes to Same-Sex Civil Unions

On May 11th the Italian parliament passed a law which will recognize same-sex civil unions in the country, reports the Economist. The new law allows same-sex couples many of the same rights as traditionally married […]

A Prominent Law Firm Employs Robot Attorney

An “artificial-intelligence attorney” is gracing the offices of law firm Baker and Hostetler, and is acting as a resource in the company’s bankruptcy division. As Gizmodo reports, the robot was built from technology from IBM’s […]

Parents in France Warned: Risk Legal Action for Posting Kid’s Photos on Facebook

Parents in France are being warned that their children could have the right to sue them in years to come for putting their baby photos on Facebook. As The Next Web reports, the country’s strict […]