50,000 Defamation Cases May be Dropped in Thailand

All cases under the 2007 Computer Crimes Act may be inadmissible now Approximately 50,000 defamation cases that were filed under the 2007 Computer Crimes Act may soon be dismissed according to the lead author of […]

All Royal Agencies will now be overseen by the King

The five agencies were previously under government, police and military control A new law was published in the Royal Gazette on Monday transferring power over five state agencies that handled royal affairs to His Majesty […]

Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act Takes Effect this May

Under the law, sites are barred from posting anything deemed anti-government The amended Computer Crimes Act which will go into effect May 24th will monitor internet companies such as YouTube and Facebook for anything that […]

NRSA Approves Term Reduction for Sub-District Chiefs amid Protests

The term has been dramatically reduced to 5 years Image by Patrik M. Loeff Bangkok Post reports that the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) has approved changes to a local administrative law that reduces the term […]

Inheritance Tax Comes into Effect in January

The government hopes the tax will lessen wealth accumulation among families The Thailand inheritance and gift tax is set to take effect on January next year reports Bangkok Post. Under the laws which were first […]