Thailand to Ask 70,000 Refugees to Return Home

The refugees were displaced during the Myanmar skirmishes Mae La Refugee Camp by Mikhail Esteves According to Bangkok Post, the Thai government is set to ask almost 70,000 displaced refugees from Myanmar to return home. Although not […]

Thailand Passes Tobacco Control Law

The final draft was approved on Friday Thailand’s tobacco control law was passed on Friday raising the minimum age to legally buy cigarettes from 18 to 20 and banning the sale of individual cigarettes. The […]

Koh Tao’s Convicted Killers Lose Appeal against Death Penalty

The two Myanmar nationals had been sentenced for the 2014 murders of two British nationals Koh Tao’s Sairee beach where the murder took place The two migrant workers convicted of killing a pair of British […]

Facebook Blocks Posts in Thailand

Websites censored are those deemed unsuitable by the Thai military junta Image by SEO Mashable reports that Facebook is geo-censoring posts that may be deemed inappropriate by the Thai government. It was reported that on Tuesday, […]

Man arrested in Thailand for Possession of Burnt Fetuses

The man has been identified as being a British citizen A reproduction Kuman Thong sold as a souvenir at the Buddhist temple at Ayutthaya, Thailand by Greg Field  A British citizen in Thailand has been arrested after […]