Thailand Plans to Legalize Prostitution

In the bustling red light districts of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, help wanted posters decorate neon lit windows of go go bars offering 30,000 baht per month base salary plus all the private tips a […]

American NGO Operation Underground Railroad Arresting Sex Tourists in Thailand

Operation Underground Railroad, anti-child trafficking organization, promoted by the movie “Sound of Freedom”, has begun operations in Thailand. Operation Underground Railroad, aka OUR has announced its grand opening in Thailand with a web page and a Facebook page publicizing […]

Thailand Cannabis Boom: Winners and Losers 

Winners – Entrepreneurs who invested in large growing operations.  Many foreign and Thai companies have invested in large growing operations, normally indoors with high tech lighting, ventilation and nutrient support systems. -Retailers in major tourist […]

Thailand Cannabis Decriminalization Act

Credit photo by Alpinols AG The text of the draft Thailand Cannabis Decriminalization Act is now available. Some important provisions include: “Household hemp” means the cultivation of cannabis at home for personal consumption in order to maintain […]

Thailand’s New Cannabis Decriminalization Explained

  Credit photo click here On January 25th, the Narcotics Control Board (NACC) Committee of the Thailand parliament approved, in principle, the removal of cannabis and hemp from the Thailand Narcotics Control Act, Category 5. In theory, […]

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