Hot! European Court Agrees to Review Challenge from sex workers to French Anti-Prostitution Law

The European Human Rights Court Will Review a Challenge to France’s Anti-Prostitution Law brought on Behalf of sex workers.  A change to Frances criminal law that would decriminalize prostitution is considered by many to be an advance in human rights.

The European Court of Human Rights has agreed to hear an appeal challenging the French law penalizing clients paying for sex. The appeal was brought on behalf of 260 sex workers from France and other nations. 

The appeal cites violations of several articles within the European Convention of Human Rights, particularly on the protection of life and opposition to inhumane treatment.  The sex workers claim that the anti-prostitution law forces them to work without the full protection of the law, and as a result, the sex workers are subject to risks to their safety, physical well-being, and personal freedom.

According to Thailand criminal lawyers, the French appeal has a similar situation in Thailand.  Currently, the Thailand legislature currently has a bill being reviewed that would decriminalize prostitution.  However, pundits claim that the Thailand bill has little chance of being passed into law. 

 The testimonies of both French and foreign sex workers demonstrate that the anti-prostitution law is a criminal prohibition that imposes fines ranging from 1,500 to 3,750 euros for repeat offenders and the potential mandate of attending sensitivity training for individuals the customers of sex workers.  

The decision by the European Court of Human Rights to consider the appeal signifies a crucial step towards the acknowledgment of the challenges faced by sex workers and the potential need for a reevaluation of legislation that directly impacts their lives. 

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