A Legal Comparison of Prenuptial Agreements in The US, Thailand and the EU

by Admin on April 30, 2014

Many foreign nations now recognize, regulate, and enforce prenuptial agreements and indeed more couples are recognizing the benefits of entering into a prenuptial agreement either to protect specific assets, or just for general peace of mind.

However if there are conflicting jurisdictions how do Courts deal with such issues?  With international travel becoming more common prenuptial agreements often involve the law of more than one jurisdiction or one country. The applicable law to decide the validity  or enforceability of a prenuptial may involve the law of the place of the marriage, the place of residence, the place where assets are held or the nationality of the spouses.

The following article  regarding International Prenuptial Agreements was written by one of our Partners at Chainat & Leeds law firm and was recently published in the Chulalongkorn Law Journal.

Read the full article here 

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