Americans May Lose Visa Free Entry to the EU

by Admin on March 6, 2017

The parliament is looking to impose visa restrictions for ‘non reciprocity’

In a move meant to push the U.S to give privileged visa status to all of its member nations, the EU is considering ending visa free travel to U.S citizens.

According to JURIST, “The EU Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday directing the EU Commission to take measures to temporarily reintroduce visa requirements for US and other nationals whose countries still do not grant visa-free access to nationals of five EU countries—Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania.”

In a press release, the parliament instructed the Commission to set a one-year suspension for the US within two months.  The EU has taken particular issue with non reciprocity from the U.S. It had contacted the US government in 2014 with a notice of non-reciprocity concerning the five countries in April 2014.

Four other countries had also been notified in April 2014 -Australia, Brunei, Canada, and Japan. Three of them have already lifted visa requirements while Canada has announced its intention to do so by the end of the year.

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