Andrew McBean on ASEAN Economic Community

by Admin on July 8, 2014

This video produced by thailawforum interviews Andrew McBean partner at Grant Thornton, Thailand. Grant Thorton is one of the worlds leading  assurance, tax and advisory firms.

Andre explains some background of ASEAN Economic Community and how small and medium enterprises in Thailand may be effected by ASEAN and can benefit from expanding their knowledge on it.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (“ASEAN”) is a regionally-based international organization with ten members. The three main external partners of ASEAN are China, Japan and South Korea.  Andrew recently gave a talk on the ASEAN Economic Community (“AEC”) specifically addressing where we are now.

According to Andrew, demographic experts expect that by 2030, ASEAN will have a population greater than the EU.  According to Andrew, the challenges faced by the AEC currently are a lack of focus by the countries involved, with each country concentrating on their national issues and concerns instead of developing an integrated economic community.

Small and medium enterprises in Thailand can benefit from the AEC by a freer movement of labor, mutual recognition and a freer flow of capital.

Watch the whole interview here:

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