New Law that will stop the Cycle of Abusing Animals

by Admin on April 25, 2018

A new state law that will go into effect in October will hand out harsher penalties such as jail time to repeat animal abuse offenders. The law is known as Ponce’s law, named after a Labrador retriever that was found beaten to death in Florida. Ponce’s will also push animal shelters to reunite stray or lost animals with their owners.

John Robinson, the Escambia County Animal Control Director, explains the current law which takes abusive pet owners to a civil court to allow the abused animal to be put up for adoption. However, in criminal cases there are no measures to be taken to bar the abuser from owning other animals.

Robinson also adds that increasing the punishment to jail time instead of a $50 fine and a slap on the wrist means that society will take “abuse against animals more … seriously”.

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The new law may mean an influx of cases for animal shelters and an issue of space. However, Robinson trumps the downsides of the law saying that keeping repeat offenders from owning pets again is a “big upside to our industry”.

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