Nordic Prostitution Law May Endanger Sex Workers

by Admin on April 29, 2014

Stricter prostitution laws in Nordic countries are winning praise around Europe, but feedback from the sex workers they were drawn up to protect suggests that the regulations may in fact be making their work more dangerous reports The Independent.

The law is pushing prostitution more underground,” said Jaana Kauppinen, who runs a charity that helps sex workers in Helsinki and Tampere in Finland. “It makes the women more vulnerable and increases the risk of violence.”

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Sweden was the first Nordic country to introduce a ban on buying sex in 1999, following a campaign started by women’s rights advocates who believed that buying someone’s body for sex was morally wrong. Finland followed in 2006 with a partial ban, making it illegal to buy sex from a person who was trafficked or pimped. Norway and Iceland adopted Sweden’s law in 2009 explains The Independent.

Police disagree that the laws have made prostitution more dangerous and believe them to have had a positive effect on the fight against human trafficking.

Efforts to extend the ban in Finland to include all forms of sex purchase were recently defeated, but the Finnish Justice Minister, Anna-Maja Henriksson, said she would continue to try to make the current regime tougher.

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