Bride-to-be Forced To Sign Pre-nuptial Agreement

by Admin on April 21, 2014

A UK judge has ruled a prenuptial agreement invalid because the wife signed the agreement under duress reports The Courier Mail.The man requested that his fiancee sign the Agreement just 3 days before the marriage.

Duress was exerted over the bride as he told her if she did not sign the agreement, then he would call the wedding off a judge has found

Under the pre-nuptial agreement, the wife relinquished any rights to assets in the event of a divorce. The prenup said each partner would retain their own assets if they separated, gave the wife no rights at all in the future to any of her husband’s property, the judge said.

At the time the wife only had a car, which has since been sold to pay for the family’s care, while the husband had property and a substantial amount of money.

Family lawyer Jiraporn Thongpong an attorney specializing in prenuptial agreements in Thailand and international prenuptial agreements gave her view as follows, “Many Western jurisdictions require a “cooling off period” between the signing of the Agreement and the marriage. The “cooling period” can vary between 7 days and several weeks. Thailand, on the other hand does not require a “cooling off period” for a prenuptial agreement to be valid. In Thailand there are other safeguards to ensure a prenutpial agreement is not signed under duress .”


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