Brooklyn Judge Rules Prenup Valid Despite Wife’s Claims of Fraud

by Admin on November 14, 2014

A prenuptial agreement that a millionaire husband is seeking to enforce was ruled valid by a Brooklyn judge despite the wife’s claims that the agreement was only symbolic and she signed it under fraudulent conditions, reports the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

According to Rihna Braha, before the wedding her husband, Ezra Braha, said his father would cut him off if they did not execute a prenuptial agreement—which they reportedly did to only trick the father and later ripped up on their honeymoon.

Mr. Braha later petitioned the court that the agreement was valid and enforceable. Ms. Braha subsequently argued that she was “fraudulently induced into signing the agreement with the understanding that her husband never planned to enforce the terms,” reports the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Jeffery Sunshine dismissed Ms. Braha’s arguments of having an oral agreement with Mr. Braha to not enforce the prenuptial agreement and about being pressured into signing the agreement in order to wed.

Justice Sunshine ruled that the facts were insufficient to find fraud and therefore the prenuptial agreement is valid and enforceable.

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle – Despite ‘whirlwind’ romance, no fraud found in Brooklyn prenup

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