Buddhism Organization Takes a Stand in Bangkok

by Admin on July 19, 2012

It was the first time in history that an organization had done a Buddhist campaign in Thailand to speak out against the disrespectful use of Buddha’s image. Members of the Knowing Buddha Organization marched at Khao San Road and Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok where the image of Buddha can be seen in everything from statues to blankets.

Carrying signs that read “Enough!” and “How could we let this happen?!” the Buddhists were there to not simply protest but inform tourists and residents of Buddhism and why the religious leader’s image should not be used commercially.

“Disrespecting and insulting Buddha’s image is very serious,” said the organization’s director Dr. Chulanee. “What has changed? The people, the attitude of the people has changed.”

The organization states that Buddha images should not be put in “inappropriate places” such as tattoos on the body or on jeans. They also condemn the commercial use of Buddha’s name such as the famous Buddha bars and the recent name of Buddha given to a Disney dog.

“A lot of people are mistaken about our goal,” said Apanee Wongsakon, the organization’s secretary and creative director. “We’re doing this to give knowledge.”

After sending individuals from the organization to ask tourists’ opinion they found that 95 per cent of the feedback was positive.

While the organization has a strong stance and is making their voice heard, they still aim to follow Buddha’s teachings by being peaceful and respectful in the way they carry out their message. And as one spectator put it: “their signs seem so unhappy but the people look so peaceful.”

Interview with Knowing Buddha Organization members:


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Nuisita July 19, 2012 at 11:40

Thank you “Knowing Buddha Organization”, We have been quiet for so long it’s time to stop these kinds of disrespectful acts to the Buddha.
Please help the organization to speak out “Stop Disrespecting Buddha”

Scarlett September 6, 2015 at 05:50

Dear lawyers and lawyeresses, office leadership personnel, blog organizers and readers, Buddha’s sacred image accompanies the well-being and livelihood of many that would like to understand him in their lives. He is more accessible in envisioning by appearing in more places, but he should be honored as special and as necessary to be deemed worthy of guidance by his expertise and reverent advice/counsel. His availability should be guarded but shared in different refreshing avenues of tale and depiction to cater to all of the different faculties that individuals observe and learn. It needs to be understood that the livelihood of this person, Buddha–needs to be regarded and respected, allocated in personal consideration of his life force preservation. So, one must honor the blessing of the image, the craftsmanship, the quality, the environmental impact, the mission statement, and the corporate inequalities dispersement adjustment adherences, regovernances and implementations.

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