California Considers Strict Smoking Ban

by Admin on March 19, 2013

If you thought New York’s sugar ban was a bit of an overreach when it comes to encroaching on individual rights, get a load of California’s new smoking ban.

A California congressman has introduced a law that would ban smoking in any residential property where walls are shared. The statewide ban on smoking in multi-unit housing is meant to protect those living in units where ventilation might not be up to snuff, and cigarette smoke can leak into neighbors’ apartments.

The bill would be considered one of the toughest smoking laws in the country if passed.

“We’re not trying to stop people from smoking here,” said the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Mark Levine. “What we’re trying to do is protect the people who want to breathe clean air from having to breathe this toxic air contaminant.”

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While New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s sugar ban failed to go into effect since a state judge struck the legislation down, it seems California voters might support the bill, since many live in multi-unit housing.

In Thailand, there are bans on smoking in public places, but no legislation restricting the habit in people’s homes. Instead, the country prefers to use graphic warnings on cigarettes to discourage people from smoking. Thailand is even considering increasing the size of the graphic warnings on packs, an initiative retailers and independent agencies aren’t enthusiastic about.


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