Canada High Court: Sexually Explicit Messages with Minor Not Private

by Admin on April 30, 2019

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Canada’s highest court has ruled that sexually explicit communications with a minor are not “private” and therefore can be intercepted without the need for a warrant.

The unanimous decision upheld the conviction of Sean Mills who was caught luring a child.

The court said that Mills did not have an expectation of privacy during his conversations with the children in question due to the sexually charged messages.

Child abduction in Thailand usually occurs in Thai child custody disputes when one parent flees to another country to avoid court custody proceedings.

Mills was found guilty of child luring in 2014 after having been busted in a sting by police that involved authorities creating two fake Facebook profiles of underage girls.

During the communications, police never obtained a warrant or other judicial authorization to intercept the messages.

The Canadian Supreme Court affirmed in its decision noted that Mills’ constitutional right to privacy was not abridged by the police and that police need to be able to intercept communications of this nature to ensure children are protected from child predators.

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