Canada Immigration Policy Blossoms while the US Toughens on Indian Techie Immigrants

by Admin on March 6, 2018

Under Trump’s government, the H1-B visa has become more difficult to acquire for Indian immigrants in the tech industry. The government has made the tenure shorter and renewal clauses tougher to pass. However, Canada has seen an opportunity to open its doors to the rejected high skilled workers.

Canada has implemented a Global Skills Strategy program where highly skilled workers from the tech industry, must have their visas fast tracked within two weeks. With the H-1B visas, applicants will wait 6-7 months or longer for approval.

Unless the H-1B program is corrected, some believe that from the US will see a decline in Indian highly skilled immigrant workers.

There has already been a decline from 2016 to 2017 Indian student enrollment numbers in the US and an increase in US based Indians returning to India.

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Image: Koustav Dutta with Ashwin Baindur

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