Child Abduction Law in Thailand

by Admin on December 20, 2013


The Hague Treaty on Child Abduction is the international abduction treaty of international law that provides for uniform enforcement of child abduction laws between participating nations.  Although Thailand has been a signatory to the Hague Convention on Child Abduction  for many years, enforcement of parental rights pursuant to the Convention was not necessarily effective in Thailand Courts. This was because there was no domestic law within Thailand for directly enforcing the provisions of the Convention. Aggrieved parents  who had their child abducted normally had to rely on other legal remedies within Thailand court system in order to enforce their rights.

In 2012, the Thailand officials enacted into law the Thailand Abduction Act. This new law enunciated the rights of parents of abducted children to enforce their rights in accordance with the Hague Convention and also sets out a detailed legal procedure for said enforcement of parental rights.  As a result of Thailand’s new Child Abduction law, an aggrieved parent or the relevant  government official in Thailand has a more direct method to apply for legal remedies under the Hague Convention within the Thailand legal system.

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