China Passes Controversial Cyber Security Law

by Admin on November 7, 2016

Passing of the law comes amid mass protests

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China has passed a law that gives the government stronger control over internet censorship, surveillance and other online aspects.

The law, which has been called regressive by Human Rights’ Watch (HRW), was passed by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee on Monday despite heavy opposition from foreign companies and rights organizations.

According to HRW, the new law would require companies to restrict online anonymity by asking users to provide their real names and personal information.

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It would also require “critical information infrastructure operators” to store users’ “personal information and other important business data” in China which HRW says is vague and could include a wide array of companies.

The law specifies that companies should report any “network security incidents”  and network operators are required to hold network logs for six months and accept government supervision.

China already supervises wide internet censorship in the country. Websites such as Google, Facebook and Youtube have already been banned in the country.

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