China’s New Anti-Terrorism Law Sparks Tech Concerns

by Admin on March 9, 2015

China reassured tech firms that its draft anti-terrorism law would not affect their “reasonable” interests despite U.S. President Barack Obama’s warnings otherwise, reports Reuters.

The proposed law would require tech firms to provide encryption keys and backdoors for law enforcement officials conducting counter-terrorism investigations.

China’s parliamentary spokeswoman, Fu Ying, said, according to Reuters, that its request is similar to those made by many Western governments, including Washington, and that Chinese companies in the United States undergo intense scrutiny.

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U.S. business lobbies have reportedly expressed concern over establishing secure communications in China should the regulation be passed, and that “handing over such commercially sensitive information would seriously harm their credibility,” writes Reuters.

Ying said China hoped foreign companies would continue to “support, participate and continue to walk forward” with China’s reform efforts.

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