Chinese Money Still Pouring into Thailand Property Despite Shaky Public Image

by Admin on February 11, 2019

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Despite the country’s current political instability and multiple recent tourism accidents involving Chinese nationals in the last year, property investors from mainland China are still pouring in huge amounts of cash into Thailand.

According to, China’s leading online real estate platform, Thailand was the most popular country for property inquiries in 2018, rising all the way from sixth in 2016.

On top of that finding, Thailand ranked fourth among property investment in 2018 with a total of $2.3 billion being spent by Chinese citizens.

Juwai’s statistics have surprised many, considering the political turmoil the country might face in coming months as it is set to hold its first elections since the 2014 coup.

Moreover, Thailand received a lot of bad publicity in the Chinese press during the last year for the string of tourism disasters it faced; including a boat capsizing off the coast of Phuket that left 47 Chinese tourists dead due to negligence.

Leading Thailand real estate attorneys state that Juwai’s findings are not all that surprising, however, considering that Thailand remains a favorite hotspot for Chinese businessmen, investors, and tourists alike who’s purchasing power continues to skyrocket every year.

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