Chonburi Immigration Rolls Out ‘Smart Car’ Technology to Combat Overstaying Foreigners

by Admin on February 19, 2020

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The Chonburi immigration police recently deployed a BMW “smart car” onto the Pattaya streets to locate overstaying foreigners in the area.

Basically, the car is decked out with an onboard laptop and other electronics that make it possible for them to check a foreigner’s visa status on the spot.

The car will drive around Pattaya and stop foreigners they deem look suspicious.

Then, they will use the car’s computer to quickly examine the foreigner’s passport, criminal history, and visa status.

Those who are found to be overstaying a visa in Thailand or deemed unwelcome in the Kingdom for any other reason will be promptly detained and then deported and blacklisted from re-entering the country.

It is completely legal for Thai police to conduct random checks on foreigners in Thailand, and visitors to the country are legally required to carry their passport around at all times.

Read the full story here.

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