Columbia Refuses Drug-Fueled Sex Party

by Admin on October 12, 2017

According to the Mirror Authorities in Columbia have vowed that travelers arriving for a sex tourism trip will be thrown out of the country.

The package tour, aptly named ‘Sex Island’ promises ‘unlimited sex’, on a private island in the Caribbean. For the price of $5,000 (165,000 baht), each guest can choose two girls for each day of the trip, which will run from 24th-27th November, for as much sex as they please.

According to the event’s website, they will also be given half an hour with 16 sex workers at once. The site also states that the entire trip is drug-friendly.

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Sergio Londono, Mayor of Cartagena, refused to allow the event to go ahead. “It’s unacceptable that they want to sell us as a sexual destination. That is not the tourism we represent”, he said

In a statement, he wrote that ‘Sex Island’ “does not respond to policies against sexual offenses, sexual abuse, child pornography and for that reason we would not give it authorization.”

Prostitution is not a crime in Colombia. However, pimping is, and this makes the Sex Island trip illegal.

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