Concerns Over New Myanmar Race and Religion Laws

by Admin on October 14, 2015

Myanmar has recently signed into law four race and religion bills, a move that’s caused concern over how it could impact minority groups.

As Adventist News Network reports, the ‘Race and Religion Protection Laws’ consist of four laws that will regulate monogamy, religious conversion, interfaith marriage and population control.

Lawmakers say the new laws have been created to encourage Myanmar’s way of life and protect its people.

Now, people wanting to convert to another religion must seek approval from the local government and show proof that they have undergone religious study.

English speaking NGO lawyers in Bangkok Chaninat and Leeds have decades of experience in helping register and establish NGO’s and foundations in Thailand.

Buddhist women wishing to marry outside her faith must also seek permission from local officials, who will publish her intent and wait 14 days to allow people to object to the marriage. If objections arise the couple may not be permitted to marry.

In regard to population control, officials may require women in certain heavily populated areas to space the births of their children in intervals of three years.

The laws were originally proposed in 2013, developed into bills before becoming signed into law this year.

Human rights experts from the UN and Amnesty International are among those who have expressed concerns over how the laws could potentially have a negative impact of minority groups.

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