Divorcing Couple Attempt to Destroy Each Other with Legal Fees

by Admin on October 9, 2017

A Melbourne couple’s bitter divorce battle has lasted longer than their marriage, Australia’s Herald Sun reports.

Despite being married for only 19 months, Ms. Liu and Mr. Bai have spent the past 26 months arguing about how to separate their marital assets in divorce. The case was centered around a luxury car they had purchased together, which was worth $77,000 (2m baht), but ended up costing them far more, totaling $225,000 (5.8m baht).

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Mr. Bai argued that since the car was registered in his name, he was entitled to keep it, but his ex-wife fought to keep everything.

After a two-day hearing, Family Court Justice Sharon Johns ruled that Mr. Bai should get 4% or $42,480 (1.1m baht) of the asset pool. His ex-wife received the remaining $34,520 (900,000 baht) from the sale of the car, which is almost five times less than what she paid in legal costs.

Justice Johns said that “both parties gained nothing from the pursuit of this litigation”.

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