DHS Ammo Stockpile Gaining Publicity, Drawing Criticism

by Admin on March 25, 2013

The two $2 billion worth of ammunition the Department of Homeland Security recently acquired is beginning to garner publicity outside of independent, online journalism. The Associated Press initially released an article on the purchase in February, which included hollow-point bullets — more expensive bullets forbidden in international war. The DHS’ bill also shows they purchased heavily armed personal carriers — vehicles that can withstand IEDs, mine blasts, bullets and the like. A spokesperson for the DHS said the purchases are for law enforcement training and strategic contracts with manufacturers, which would allow them to get better pricing on other, bigger-ticket defense equipment.

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Alternative journalists like Alex Jones of Infowars.com say the government stockpile is preparation for civil unrest following the collapse of the economy and America’s political system.

After the AP released the article, the story came and went with little acknowledgement from the mainstream media. Now that members of Congress have raised their concerns about the extreme purchase, mainstream media is finally taking notice. Local law enforcement agencies are experiencing ammo shortages and blaming the DHS. Forbes has called for a “national conversation.”

14 members of Congress have written a letter to the DHS asking them to explain the reasoning behind the purchase.

The militarization of the U.S. government, in the context of financial unrest in Cyprus and elsewhere, has pundits wondering if the U.S. is heading towards an oppressive state.

The idea of such unrest, and the need for a well-armed civilian army in the event that does happen, is ironically something President Obama alluded to years ago:

Jones may say it best when he asserts that Americans’ constitutional rights are now more important than ever:

“The globalists are building a domestic army under the cover of national security – and only now does the second amendment – laid down by our visionary founders – come alive to fulfill its true purpose as a counter balance and shield against usurpers and tyrants everywhere.”


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