Divorce Becomes Easier in Ontario

by Thailand Lawyer on July 20, 2011

Divorce proceedings are known to be difficult, emotionally vexing and money-draining. Ontario, Canada has taken a new approach to the complicated divorce process, and has settled on family law reforms that they state will make it easier for those involved.

The Attorney General of Ontario stated that the family law reforms are aimed at making the divorce process more streamlined and to help de-mystify the legal procedure for divorce. Starting on July 18th, it is now mandatory for any individual entering the family law system to participate in free information sessions offered to help explain the court process for divorce. The information sessions will also provide an overview of free community resources available to divorcing couples. The legal reforms are concerned with the emotional state of the divorcing parties, and have the end goal of helping to resolve some or all potential issues that can arise in a divorce case before the case even enters the court.

The intentions behind the new family law reform package are primarily aligned with four main points, the first being that people will be provided free information on possible alternatives to trials, the cost of trials, and the affect a court divorce case can have on a family and children.

The second point is intended to address the need for counsel, by providing free mediation services for couples that intend to divorce, and the third point will allow courthouses to employ individuals as “information-referral coordinators” who can provide assistance in directing people to the appropriate place in family courts.

For all the stated benefits, however, ceding control of the divorce process to the family court is essentially increasing the amount of government control in determining the outcome of the divorce process.  The Court, unlike private attorneys, does not have the duty or the motivation to defend the individual rights of the people involved. Family Court officials, instead, have an allegiance to state policies.  What if you are a member of a group currently out-of-favor with the Ontario Family Court?  Would you want to trust the government to impose their policy agendas on yet anbother area of your private life?   Or would you like a professional divorce attorney fighting for your right to custody of your children or/and ownership of your assets?

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