Divorce in the News: China’s Soaring Divorce Filings, London’s Divorce Title and More

by Admin on March 12, 2013

China Sees Rise in Divorce Filings

A new tax on property sales in China has caused divorce filings to skyrocket, according to multiple reports. The tax has a loophole that might exempt some if they separate from their spouse. The tax on property sales is an effort by China to curb its property boom, which some fear is on the verge of collapsing.

Yahoo! Finance reports that the rise in divorce filings should not come as a surprise; investors in the Chinese economy,  and even the general public, have often found ways to skirt tax and finance regulations. In this case, if a couple files for divorce, a couple could claim that each spouse only had one. The couple would be exempted from a tax that comes from owning a second home, if that home is sold. After the house sells, the couple would then marry.

While pundits warn of a housing market bubble burst, and the Chinese government continues to attempt to regulate the market, the reports illustrates what some say is a looming crisis in China’s economy.

Behind London’s “Divorce Capital” Reputation

London has long been known as the “divorce capital of the world,” due to the large payouts spouses receive as well as the relatively quick settlement process. How it rose to such a ranking stems from a case back in 2000, White vs. White, which set a precedent that divorcing spouses should receive equal residual sums.

The report says that “as a result of this change, English law has come to be perceived as more generous than the law elsewhere.” Additionally, several high-profile cases made their way through London’s courts, where the wives were granted fairly large sums of money in settlements.


Divorce Rate and Education Related (Conversely)

A new study shows that more educated couples are less likely to divorce than those, say, without degrees. In contrast, African-American women, a higher education doesn’t necessarily mean the chances a couple will divorce are slimmer. The unequal pay scale in America is to blame. African-American women do not earn as much as Caucasian women, and the likelihood of staying together might be due to those higher wages. In fact, a study noted that African-American women with a college degree were more likely to get married.

The study also cites a gender gap for why education and divorce rates don’t correlate in regards to African-American women. There are nearly twice as many female African-American college graduates as men; so for a high-earning, well-educated woman, the chances of finding a male match are difficult.


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