Drive-thru Immigration Now Available in Phuket

by Admin on November 26, 2018

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To combat overcrowding, wait times, and a lack of parking, Phuket’s immigration office recently instituted a “drive-thru service.”

According to Major General Surachete Hakparn, the move was necessary as Phuket’s office was unable to match the influx of foreigners living and visiting the city in recent years.

Already, around 300-700 people are using the drive-thru immigration service in Phuket each day.

“Users who take the ‘One Stop Service’ can go to a ‘Drive Thru’ which takes less than 3 minutes,” said Hakparn. “We are hoping to decrease the crowding problem by at least 30%.”

Thailand immigration lawyers state that finding unique and creative solutions to overcrowding at Thailand’s many immigration offices is a must, as many visa-seekers and other visitors often have to wait hours for even the smallest immigration requests.

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