Drone with Cameras Banned in Sweden

by Admin on October 26, 2016

Filming only allowed for police usedrone-698564_960_720

The highest court in Sweden has banned the use of drones with cameras for filming unless used by the police or by users having a registered expensive permit reports Technica.

The Supreme Court ruled that cameras on helmet and bikes are legal, as they are always found alongside their owner, but drones can cover areas that the pilot cannot, making it unlawful surveillance.

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The move was criticized by drone users and industry group UAS. “UAS Sweden held a board meeting and has established a plan to try to force policymakers at all levels to realize how this bad ruling strikes against an entire industry that employs thousands of people and features companies with billions in turnover,” it was quoted as saying.

The law prevents drones from being used in wedding photography, nature photography and for journalism purposes according to Technica.

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