EU Rules on Divorce Matters Adopted By Greece

by Admin on October 21, 2013

The European Commission announced over the weekend, that Greece has adopted the EU rules allowing international couples to choose which country’s law will apply in the case of divorce reports The Greek Reporter.

It is hoped this will provide international couples with some legal certainty and will also allow them to seek  the most favorable legislation in divorce proceedings.

In the case of disagreement as to which jurisdiction shall apply, a judge will decide which country’s law should be applied.

The Thailand Conflict of Laws Act controls any international conflict of laws in Thailand. Each section of the Act considers a different area of the law.


Chaninat and Leeds Law Firm  recently published an article in the Chulalongkorn Law Journal, Prenuptial Agreements: US Law, Thailand Law and EU Law Compared, analyzing how different jurisdictions handle international divorces, and if applicable prenuptial agreements.

Read the full story here.

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