Facebook Friend Fatally Stabbed by Swede

by Admin on August 30, 2012

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An apparent love triangle among 18-year-olds resulted in a fatal stabbing in Thailand. The Thai girlfriend of a Swede had befriended a Thai student on Facebook, but the two men fought each other upon meeting.

Police found the body of “Mr. San” (alias), a university student, lying in front of the stairs to the hotel with many stab wounds in his body. Apparently, the girlfriend had befriended the victim even though they had never met in person beforehand.

Prior to the incident she had persuaded her boyfriend to travel to her hometown in Sakaew province where she wanted to meet her Facebook friend in person. She said they met outside her place and rode a motorbike to the hotel where she and her boyfriend were staying.

However, when they arrived “Mr. San” hurried to enter the room and locked the door and didn’t allow the Thai woman to enter. When questioned by the police the Swede boyfriend said that when “Mr. San” came into the room he spoke angrily to him, saying that he was jealous of his relationship. Then he shoved the other man, and they started to fight.

“Mr. San” grabbed a 6-inch knife from a table and tried to stab the boyfriend. However, the boyfriend was able to take the knife away from him and instead stabbed “Mr. San” in order to protect himself.

According to Thailand criminal defense lawyers even if the woman’s boyfriend was defending himself he may still face criminal charges of murder since he stabbed the other man multiple times and this may be considered “excessive force.” The question of why there was a six inch knife lying out in the open may be a factor in the case of this Swede.

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