Father’s Child Custody Rights: Thailand vs. Japan

by Admin on May 16, 2023


A Japanese man named Yasuo Hojyo came home from work one day to find that his wife and son had gone. He found a divorce letter sometime later.

Hojyo was unable to see his six-year-old son which has taken a toll on his emotional well-being. He is seeking custody rights to visit his son, but Japan does not have any legal guidelines on child visitation rights as of yet. According to the Japan Times, Japan’s family laws on child custody tend to favor the mother rather than the father. The child’s father could risk being stripped of his right to remain in contact with his children following a divorce settlement.

Japanese legislation is considering a revision of the current single-parent system, changing it to the joint custody system that is frequently used in modern legal systems.

Child custody law as specified in the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code, defined in Section 1566, states that both parents, mother and father, have equal custody rights to their child, on the condition that both are able to care for and provide for the child.


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