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by Admin on March 9, 2012

Shrink Who Faked His Own Death Found in Thailand

A British psychologist who faked his own death during a family trip to Russia, in order to claim government benefits for his wife’s breast-enhancement surgery, has been jailed after being apprehended in Thailand. Stephen Calloway allegedly bribed a mortuary in Moscow with a bottle of vodka to help him “switch places” with another dead body. Calloway fled to Bangkok, where he planned to cash in on a life insurance policy and reunite with his family. Calloway was detained in Thailand in 2011, and this week was jailed for a slew of benefit frauds. Just another story proving that Thailandis a great place for a vacation, but not a great place to avoid extradition…

Thai Government to Compensate Victims of Political Violence

This week, the Thai government approved a budget of 2 billion Thai baht to compensate victims (and families ofv ictims) of political violence that plagued Thailand between 2005 and 2010. Families of victims who were killed in the violence will receive settlements of 7.5 million Thai baht each, while victims who sustained injuries will receive settlements of 4.5 million Thai baht each. The government’s decision has received a mixed response: some injury victims perceive the settlements as a superficial attempt to silence ongoing political dialogue, while others feel that the government’s actions represent a positive step towards national reconciliation.

Ohio Divorce Attorney Punished for Legal Misconduct

This week, the Ohio Supreme court suspended the license of prominent divorce attorney Joseph Stafford. Stafford and his brother (whose license was suspended last year in a separate legal misconduct case) run a bustling, very successful divorce law business. Unfortunately, some of the Staffords’ success might be do to acts of major legal misconduct, including illegally filing a response to a counterclaim argument, and falsely accusing a judge of abuse. Tsk, tsk!



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