Friday Round Up: Katoey Flight Attendants, Drugs in Dreads, and a Very Expensive “Daughter”

by Admin on December 16, 2011

Crossing Borders, Literally and Figuratively: Transgender Flight Attendants

Thailand’s PC airlines has taken a small step forward in the transgender rights movement by hiring the world’s first-ever transgender women flight attendants. Reportedly, the airline received such an inundation of job applications from Thailand ladyboys, or katoeys, that they decided the demographic needed to be represented in the ranks of its employees. (P)olitically (C)orrect, indeed…

Excuse me miss…you’ve got some white stuff in your dreads

A South African national was arrested this week inSuwanabumiAirportafter stepping off a Qatar Airways flight from Brazil. The young woman was allegedly detained by authorities when police noticed a white substance in her dreadlocks; the resultant search revealed that the woman was smuggling roughly 1.5 kilograms of cocaine in her hair. We’ve heard of using honey to make dreadlocks, but never cocaine. That’s some expensive hair.

If Your Thai Lawyer has an Office in a GoGo Bar, Look Elsewhere

The manager of a New Zealand law firm has pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly 400 thousand NZ dollars from his firm, in order to keep a Thai prostitute in the lap of luxury. The accused allegedly purchased the woman a home, two cars, and multiple trips to Thailand to visit family, all due to a misplaced sense of paternal affection – apparently the Thai woman in question referred to her generous patron as “Daddy”.


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