Ghirardelli Settles Fake Chocolate Dispute for $5 Million

by Admin on October 14, 2014

After facing charges for selling white chocolate that didn’t actually contain any white chocolate (or any other type of chocolate), Ghirardelli will pay a $5.25 million class action settlement, which a federal judge tentatively approved, according the Courthouse News Service.

Scott Miller initiated the lawsuit after reading the ingredients list on a package of white chocolate chips he bought and found that it didn’t include white chocolate, cocoa, or cocoa butter.

Courthouse News reports that the class action charged Ghirardelli with violating U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, false advertising, unfair competition, and fraud.

The Thailand FDA Lawyers at Chaninat and Leeds have experience assisting clients register pharmaceuticals, food supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics with the Thailand Food and Drug Administration.

The multi-million dollar settlement was reached after negotiation talks and will be distributed among the class and the plaintiffs’ attorneys via a common fund, according to Courthouse News.

We certainly understand the grievous harm inflicted on consumers by fake white chocolate because we have also been shocked to recently discover that the hamburgers we have eaten for years do not actually contain ham, but contain beef instead. Obviously, representing beef burgers as hamburgers is deceptive and we want our 5.25 million dollars.

Other grievances we have based on deceptive food advertisers includes:

  1. Mars bars are not actually from Mars.
  2. Hot dogs are not made from canines.
  3. Kentucky Fried Chicken does not actually use chickens from Kentucky.

Read the full story here.

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