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by Admin on August 1, 2012

US Falling Birth Rates Explained

Vampires as we all know don’t breed. Apparently, the same might hold true for vampire actors. The recent split between “Twilight” couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has led to more controversy as they dispute custody over their ‘baby’ Bear. Bear is a dog.

Although L.A. may be on the cutting edge of non-traditional relationships, Thailand is more traditional. Thailand child custody law  for example, does not apply to four-legged surrogate children. Nevertheless, there are numerous animal shelters in Thailand for childless couples seeking surrogate children.

85 Year Old Couple to Remarry 48 Years After Divorce

While the still young Hollywood couple is splitting up with one another, an older couple is re-tying the knot. Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, both 85, are remarrying after 48 years  of being divorced.

The couple met as teenagers in Tennessee and were married by a justice of the peace before they decided to divorce  in 1964. Both remarried and were widowed, before finally reuniting. It is unclear whether they intend to have more children, or just adopt a dog.

Chinese Sex Worker Fights for Prostitution Rights

Ye Haiyan, an advocate for the rights of sex workers and AIDs victims is taking her cause right to China’s brothels. To defend the women and show her understanding she started living with other prostitutes in a run-down brothel where she had sex with customers to fully immerse herself in the world of this discriminated class of women. Punters report that Ms. Ye Haiyan is not the first prostitute claiming to be performing sociological research.

Pussy Riot, an all female Russian punk rock group, is facing criminal charges in the Russian court for their performance at Church of Christ the Saviour a Russian Orthodox church in Red Square.

The videos below tell the whole story better than we can.


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