Hawaii Looks to Decriminalize Prostitution

by Admin on February 6, 2017

Proponents of the bill are arguing that laws are unfavourable to transgender prostitutes

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Hawaii House Speaker Joseph Souki introduced a new bill to parliament that would decriminalize prostitution in the state.

According to WGNTV, the bill was proposed on behalf of transgender activist Tracy Ryan who claims the legislation will prevent transgender prostitutes from being disproportionately impacted by criminalization laws.

The bill also proposes to decriminalize sexual activity between police officers and prostitutes during the course of investigations.

However, critics of the bill say that decriminalization will only make it harder to prove violence and abuse in the industry.

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Gino Megan February 6, 2017 at 13:31

Does making prostitution legal actually make any differences apart from flourishing the trade? I don’t see the upside to it. Thailand has laws banning prostitution but its also known as the “sex capital of the world” with prostitutes both male, female and transgender everywhere.

Millmill February 6, 2017 at 13:37

Does anyone know if transgender Thai women can get a fiancee or marriage visa to the US in Thailand??

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