Hawaii Senate Passes Bill to Allow Medically Assisted Suicides

by Admin on April 2, 2018

Hawaii lawmakers have passed a bill, voted on 23-2, allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives through prescription medication and doctor supervision. Opponents have stated their case that the passing of this legislation may cause potential risk to the elderly, sick and the poor.

They are also worried that patients may make rash decisions or be subject to misdiagnoses. When the Governor of Hawaii signs the bill, it will be the sixth state to legalize medically assisted suicides after Washington State, the District of Columbia, Colorado, California, Vermont and Oregon.

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Legislators explain that safeguards have been put in place to prevent abuse and make sure the request has truly come from the patient without means of coercion or manipulation. Two healthcare professionals and a counselor will make sure that the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis and ability to make decisions are valid.

Those found guilty of breaching the provisions will incur criminal charges.

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