Hemp Business Ready to Boom in Thailand

by Admin on March 7, 2018

Thailand is slowly following suit with the rest of the world in terms of the decriminalization of hemp and marijuana. The government has allowed a handful of provinces up North to begin cultivating hemp for research purposes.

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Entrepreneurs based in Chiang Mai, are jumping on the hemp band wagon and incorporating the multipurpose plant in their products and exporting them around the world. However, the hemp fields are still heavily regulated and for government purposes, when clothing makers are able to get their hands on the plant it is in very limited amounts.

Other challenges include, that the machinery for industrializing the hemp for clothing is illegal in Thailand and thus keeps the manufacturing process at a traditional and much slower rate. Even so, this does not slow down the demand for hemp fabrics.

For more information on hemp use in Thailand, watch Thai Law Forum’s interviews with some of Chiang Mai’s hemp clothing developers.


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