Human Rights Groups Slams Land Confiscation In Myanmar

by Admin on May 26, 2014

The Asian Human Rights Commission has slammed a “frenzy” of land grabs in Burma by the government or government-linked companies, stating that abuses of power continue in spite of the country’s much heralded reforms reports The Karen News.

AHRC, which has been monitoring and lobbying for human rights in Aisa for more than 20 years, said that reports of land confiscation continue to increase.

AHRC cited several examples, including a case in which five farmers were accused of upsetting public order by arranging a public demonstration after more than one thousand acres of farmland in 1997, which was taken by the Burma Army.

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Four of the men were charged under Burma’s Section 18 of the Peace Assembly and Demonstration Law for protesting without official permission, AHRC maintained that during the course of their arrest police assaulted a number of the demonstrators leading to two women being hospitalized.

A ceasefire was agreed between the Karen National Union and the Burma Army in 2011. “Since the ceasefire, villagers have begun to report increasingly about land confiscation for mining, logging, dams, infrastructure development and commercial agriculture. Land is confiscated by armed actors or the Myanmar government in collaboration with companies for those projects.” Karen Human Rights Group said.

Read the full report here

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