Hundreds of Exotic Animals Illegally Traded on Facebook in Thailand

by Admin on September 18, 2018

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The wildlife advocacy group TRAFFIC recently found 1,500 animals being traded illegally on Facebook in Thailand.

Of the 1,500, there were 200 different kinds of species found, including rare animals like the Asiatic black bear, the slow loris, the Eurasian otter, and the black-spotted turtle–all of which are banned from international trading.

Some of the animals found in the wildlife trading Facebook groups were even endangered species such as the Siamese crocodile and Helmeted Hornbill.

In total, TRAFFIC found 12 Facebook groups facilitating the purchase and sale of exotic wildlife.

Since their initial monitoring of the 12 groups in 2016, the total membership of the groups has nearly doubled.

The buying or selling of animals of any kind is banned under Facebook’s terms of service.

Read the full story here.

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