Immigrants Receiving Government Benefits Might Soon be Ineligible for a Green Card

by Admin on October 11, 2018

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A proposed change to existing immigration law emanating from Trump administration could limit the number of green cards granted to immigrants residing in the US who receive public benefits that exceed a certain amount.

Since the details of the proposed legislation are not clear as of yet, many immigrants using welfare programs have become concerned that their path to citizenship could become blocked in the near future.

The new measure, if passed, would add a huge amount of government benefits to a list that–if used by an immigrant–could disqualify them from being eligible for a green card.

Among the government that might eliminate an immigrant’s chances at a green card are food stamps, housing vouchers, welfare, and Medicaid.

The Department of Homeland Security has stated that immigrants who receive these benefits could end up becoming a “public charge” who is wholly dependent on the state.

According to US immigration lawyer Joe Leeds, marriage and fiance visas comprise a significant portion of US immigration numbers. In order to obtain a marriage or fiance visa, however, the US citizen spouse must certify that he or she will be financially responsible for the new immigrant if they do become a public charge.

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