India Opens Law School for Sex -Trafficked Victims

by Admin on April 24, 2017

India is estimated to have the highest number of people in human trafficking across the globe

Photo: Free a Girl Facebook Page

India has opened a new law school that trains young women who were formerly victims of sex trafficking to give them an opportunity to fight against their perpetrators and trafficking in the country.

According to Telesur, the school opened on April 6th and is a joint effort of an anti-sex trafficking organization Free a Girl and one of India’s top law schools.

The school has a current 19 girls in attendance aged between 19 and 26 and will specialize in commercial sexual exploitation cases.

Lata, who was sold by her ex-husband to a brothel shortly after she got married, is one of the 19 girls in attendance. “Becoming a lawyer is my dream, and bringing justice to those responsible for forced child prostitution is my goal … I want to punish the men who did this to me,” she said to Mashable.

One of the project’s founders, Bas Kostern told Adweek “These are real girls who have been through highly traumatizing experiences and had lives that we could hardly imagine.”

“They are determined to succeed in their ambition to become lawyers, with the power to prosecute the criminals who once owned them.”

India is estimated to have the highest number of individuals in human trafficking with the UN estimating that out of the 3 million sex workers in India, at least 40 percent are trafficked children, most of whom are from India’s poor and marginalized societies.

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