Indonesian Widow Gang-raped By Vigilantes And Caned By Government As ‘Punishment’ For Affair With Married Man

by Admin on May 7, 2014

An Indonesian widow who was gang-raped by eight ‘vigilantes’ as punishment for having an affair with a married man, has been condemned to further indignity of being caned in public reports The Daily Mail. 

The married man was tied up and beaten, while the 25 year old woman was raped repeatedly. Then the two of them were doused with buckets of sewage.

It was only after the woman was reported to the police for breaking strict Sharia laws against extra-marital sex then it was learned she had been raped.

The gang rape was not an officially sanctioned punishment. The Indonesian governments sentence of caning was not for the gang rape.  The caning was punishment for the act of adultery.

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Three of the vigilantes were immediately detained and charged with rape but the woman and the man will both be caned because they have violated a religious bylaw on sexual relations.

We recently reported here that Sharia law is set to be introduced to Brunei, which has caused grave concern given the amount of western expatriates who are based there. This latest report is almost certainly going to cause further concerns about the proposal.

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