International Prenuptial Agreements

by Admin on May 19, 2014

No one likes to ever think that their marriage will end in divorce, but nowadays more and more people are acting on the err of caution and are entering into a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married.

Thailand Prenuptial Lawyers

Chaninat & Leeds specialize in Thai and international prenuptial agreements 

The issues surrounding a prenuptial agreement in an international context are often oversimplified. Different jurisdictions however have different legal requirements and tests and therefore it is important prior to entering into a prenuptial agreement that consideration is given to this.

The rocky terrain of international prenuptial agreements is constantly changing. Recently, many countries have adopted legislation which specifically addresses the issues that plague international prenuptial agreements. For example, Thailand passed the Act on Conflict of Laws B.E. 248.

It is important to ensure that you instruct an attorney that has actual multinational jurisdiction and courtroom experience (involving family court issues) as the first time the validity of a prenuptial agreement is tested is the time it needs to be relied upon and no one wishes to discover at this stage that their agreement is invalid.

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