ISIS Whips 6 Women for Violating Dress Code

by Admin on October 17, 2016

The women had to endure 50 lashes each

ARA news reports that 6 women were arrested in the ISIS de facto capital in Syria, Raqqa City by ISIS extremists and were subjected to public flogging for breaking a dress code.

ISIS has mandated that all women wear a niqab. According to Daily Mail, “The strict dress code implemented by ISIS in their conquered areas in Syria and Iraq dictates that all women be covered from head to toe in black, covering their faces with a veil.”

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The ISIS- controlled religious police called al-Hisba consist of “men who guard against infringements”. They punish anyone who is seen or suspected of doing anything that can be interpreted as non-Islamic by sharia law.

The six women were lashed 50 times each.

Atrocities committed by ISIS extremists against women are too many to count. According to Daily Mail, in February, two teenage girls were stoned to death for being in a house with two adult men. The men were administered 50 lashes and set free. A week before that, four girls were stoned to death after being raped by ISIS men for committing adultery.

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