Islamic Leaders Reject Proposal to Give Women a Say in Divorce

by Admin on February 10, 2017

Egypt’s top Islamic authority unanimously rejected the reforms


Egypt’s top Islamic authority rejected the government’s proposal to amend the current divorce law which allows men to divorce their wives without going through a court of law.

Independent reports, “the Council of Senior Clerics in Al-Azhar – the highest authority in Sunni Islam – rejected President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi‘s suggestion that Egypt should end the practice in a rare rebuttal of the government.”

Under Egypt’s current law, Muslim men can divorce their wives without having to resort to legal justification or consult a court or cleric whereas Muslim women can only seek divorces in a court of law and with the consent of their husband.

The council released a statement saying that the practice has been “undisputed” for seven centuries and that only men with a “sound mind” can divorce their wives.

An international divorce lawyer in Thailand spoke to Thailawforum regarding the issue and said, “The law should be made in such a way that does not allow for interference from religious groups. Just because something has been done for centuries does not mean its right.”

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